Die Tribal-(New)Metal-Pioniere ILL NIÑO sind gerade schwer am Malochen, was die letzten Schliffe ihres neuen Albums angeht. Das Debüt für das Label Victory Records wird für den Herbst erwartet. Anbei ein Update von ILL NIÑO’s Drummer, Dave Chavarri. Für Updates zum neuen Werk checkt die folgenden Seiten www.myspace.com/illnino und www.victoryrecords.com Hello Ill Maniacs, We wanted to inform you, on our progress recording the new CD!! ILL NIÑO has been working around the clock writing and jamming everyday, and the new songs are coming out fuckin nuts!! After much thought, we have decided to title our new CD "Dead New World". Our new CD is everything you expect from ILL NIÑO's original Latin Metal sounds; it's heavy as fuck, full of Cristian growling vocals, melodic choruses, Tribal Latin rhythms, sick guitars, as well as also being the most progressive record we've ever recorded!!! We have never put out the same CD twice, and our Victory Records release "Dead New World" will prove that once again. We will be touring throughout 2010 and 2011, so joins us in our "Dead New World"! -Dave Chavarri