EARTHTONE 9 haben sich ja vor kurzem wieder zusammengefunden, um zu musizieren (wir berichteten)! Nun hat die Band eine neue EP am Start, die im Mai erscheinen soll. Der Erwerb dieser EP hilft der Band, den Longplayer zu finanzieren. Eine ungewöhnliche Methode, aber von dieser einst wegweisenden Band WILL man neues Material! Unter folgendem Link gibt es mehr Infos, anbei ein Statement von Sänger Karl Middleton: “Brothers and sisters, 2010 was something of a landmark year for earthtone9. After nearly a decade of putting the beast in a box we found that it still had a pulse. The shows at Sonisphere and Damnation were utterly mindblowing, (as was the response to the free ‘Best Of’ album). And the pulse got a little bit stronger. During the rehearsals for last year’s festivals we started toying with some new ideas. And here we are in the Spring of 2011 and from out of nowhere we have a raft of new material we REALLY want to share with you. Yep, new songs. And they CRUSH. We seriously have a fire burning. We have at least an album’s worth of new tunes, and YOU CAN HELP US! We have decided to put out a new EP in time for the UK Tour in May. We are releasing it through PLEDGE MUSIC, and by you folks pledging to take the EP we can get the funds to hit the studio and make this a reality. Head on over to PLEDGE MUSIC to read about the special fan only offers we have for ya. We are so excited about this ability to create and distribute music in such a pure manner. This is about US and YOU. If you want us to keep making music as much as we want to give you the music we make – we could built something beautiful here. We know times are tough and money is tight, but if you can help us embrace this new music industry machinery we can take ET9 into this decade and BRING THE ROCK! So please, please visit the PLEDGE website and pledge £8 to pre-order the new EP. And repost this on your Facebook, Twitter and other social networking accounts. We NEED YOUR HELP! There will be all kinds of exclusive updates on the earthtone9 PLEDGE page. Keep your eyes peeled!”