Die MetalCore-Hopefuls von MOTIONLESS IN WHITE hauen uns zeitnah ihr neues Album "Infamous" (Fearless Records/ Ada Global) vor die Mütze! Aus diesem kann man sich jetzt schon die neue Single 'Devil's Night' online anhören, die ihr weiter unten im Player findet. Der Song kann bei iTunes käuflich erworben werden. Sänger Chris Motionless hat folgendes zum Track loszuwerden: "Devil's Night is the perfect introduction to Infamous, as it really highlights the growth and evolution of our band, while at the same time, carries over the things you've grown to love most about MIW. It's been 2 years since the release of "Creatures" and where as a lot of bands sort of chill out over time, we've grown hungrier and more motivated than ever to create something that can really move people. The song is about the trials I've been through in my life to continue doing what I love, and the fight to be a voice for people who either feel voiceless, or really find hope in the things I have to say. "Devil's Night", aside from being traditionally known as the night before Halloween, is typically known for being a mass gathering of people acting with destructive and chaotic behavior. While I'm not advocating petty vandalistic crimes, useless violence or anything morally deranged, I felt the title symbolized that I'm sending a call to the masses, to put on your "paint", your "mask", or shed the weight you may be bearing and join us to start fighting fire with fire. I refuse to lay down and die and I know a lot of people feel the same. We're still pissed, and we're here to stay." "Infamous" von MOTIONLESS IN WHITE wird am 09.11.2012 erscheinen.