AUGUST BURNS RED bringen am 21.06.2013 via Hassle Records ihr fünftes Album heraus, welches auf den Titel "Rescue & Restore" hört. Daraus präsentiert die Band nun ihren ersten Song 'Fault Line', zu dem es weiter unten ein schickes Video gibt. “Fault Line” is a scorching track that sounds every bit like a trademark AUGUST BURNS RED song, while simultaneously giving hints of the expanded sound that characterizes the new album. "’Fault Line’ is a staple sounding ABR song… a good place to start when whetting people’s appetites for Rescue & Restore." berichtet Hauptsongwriter JB Brubaker. “Rescue & Restore is about challenging other bands and ourselves, as well as fans of this music, to want more than whatever happens to be the current buzz, we’ve done our best with each new album to try to push our sound in new directions and we’d like to see our peers do the same… This genre used to be better than that. It can still be better than that.” August Burns Red "Fault Line" Lyric Video from Solid State Records on Vimeo. Live gibt's AUGUST BURNS RED hier: 13.09. Bochum - Matrix 14.09. Hamburg - Grünspan 18.09. Berlin - C-Club 20.09. Chemnitz - AJZ 21.09. Frankfurt - Batschkapp 22.09. Nürnberg - Hirsch 25.09. A-Wien - Arena 26.09. München - Backstage Halle 28.09. CH-Solothurn - Kofmehl 29.09. CH-Winterthur - Slazhais 30.09. Karlsruhe - Substage 01.10. Köln - Essigfabrik

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