FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH kommen am 26.07.2013 mit dem ersten Teil ihres Doppel-Werkes "The Wrong Side of Heaven And The Righteous Side of Hell" aus der Album-Funkstille, Grund genug, um der Band per Email ein paar Fragen zukommen zu lassen. Schlagzeuger Jeremy Spencer beantwortete meine kleinen Fragenkatalog. Leider hatte ich zum Zeitpuntk des Interviews (natürlich) bis auf die Single 'Lift Me Up' (Feat. Rob Halford) noch nichts vom neuen Material gehört und leider war der gute Jeremy auch nicht soooo auskunftsfreudig, um meinen Durst nach Las Vegas-Anekdoten zu befeuern, aber vielleicht haben ihm auch meine Fragen nicht gefallen, haha! Der Einfachheit halber im Englischen belassen, das Ganze: How came it to the collaboration with the metal-god himself, Rob Halford on your new single "Lift me up"? I believe it was either Ivan or Zoltan's idea to reach out to Rob Halford. We'd heard that he liked the band and thought the song would be perfect for him. Our management reached out and he really liked the song so he flew to Las Vegas and recorded it. We're huge fans of Judas Priest, so it's a real honor to have him on our album. For those who haven't heard the song yet, it's available on iTunes. Like Stone Sour you will release your new CD as a double album! What is the reason? Many killer songs, or a heaven and hell / Two-Face-concept, as on the cover of your Single? What can we expect? We came off the road last year and had a handful of songs that we had written while on tour. We went in focused and thing's were flowing. Eventually we had about 23 or 24 songs and we were like, "We have to release two albums" because we didn't want to keep any songs off the album. I think this body of work fits well together and is probably our most well rounded effort to date. A not so serious one: is it duty, to have a monstrous beard? Your new bass player is - again - a bird of paradise, haha! A not so serious answer.....I think it's very important to have a monstrous beard because you can store snacks in there for later. Your following on Facebook is pretty impressive! Are you into social media? Do you often communicate with fans? We all try to communicate with the fans as much as we can. It's very important to have that interaction and we enjoy it. Sometimes we don't get to do meet and greets at shows, so social media is a great way for us to keep in touch with our great fans who have supported us over the years. Do you think, it's easier to get well known these days in comparison to the time before the internet? Only with printed magazines and word of mouth? I think there's a heck of a lot of competition and more people can put songs up online, so I don't know if it's easier just because there's a flood of bands now. The thing I do know though, is that good songs will always find an audience. Songs always win. So no matter how many people have songs online, good songs seem to always find their place in the public consciousness. How is it to live in the "city of sin" in the middle of nowhere? I was in Las Vegas once, in 2009, and was blown away by the city! Are you on the strip/Party-mode often, or is there a life besides the bright lights, gambling and strip-clubs? I live about 20 minutes away from the strip and the debauchery. I can always go get in it if I choose, but these days I'm clean and sober and extremely focused so I don't do that anymore. Vegas has everything you can imagine, so you have to be selective where you put your energy. There are some bands coming from/living in Vegas! Some Hellyeah guys, Falling In Reverse (?), The Killers... Is there a kind of community or just chance encounters? I think it's more just chance encounters. However, I hear there's a pretty good local music here. I don't have the time to get out and check it out much, but I like all those bands you mentioned. They are definitely making noise on a much larger scale. So you have any interesting stories or anecdotes from the city? I've had a lot of fun here, but I will keep those stories to myself for now. I'm more focused these days, but I've definitely had my share of wild times in this city for sure. You will come to germany two times! On a headlining tour and later with Avenged Sevenfold and Device! Do you like (playing) in Germany/Europe? Germany is my favorite place to play in Europe! We're very much looking forward to returning. See you soon! Und wir sind gespannt aufs Album! 🙂 (Photo courtesy of Eleven Seven)