COMEBACK KID landen am 04.03.2014 (in den Staaten) mit ihren neuen Album "Die Knowing"! Fronter Andrew Neufeld zum neuen Album: “The goal with Die Knowing was to really capture the best parts of our live show and put those elements into the album. Lyrically, it’s a reminder to stay hungry while carving your own path, living life to its full potential. This will be the biggest and heaviest sounding COMEBACK KID album to date.” Und so sieht die Titelliste aus: 1. Die Knowing 2. Lower The Line 3. Wasted Arrows 4. Losing Sleep 5. Should Know Better 6. I Depend, I Control 7. Somewhere In This Miserable… 8. Beyond 9. Unconditional 10. Didn’t Even Mind 11. Full Swing 12. Sink In Das Cover oben rechts! Kurzer Klick und größer wird's! 🙂