Nach dem Ende von MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE hat der umtriebige FRANK IERO nun ausgiebig Zeit sich seinen anderen Musikprojekten zu widmen. Anfang Mai kommt der ehemalige Rhythmusgitarrist der US-Emo-Rocker auf Stipvisite nach Deutschland. Noch vor den Shows stand er uns Rede und Antwort. Im ex-bandinternen Wettrennen hatte FRANK IERO leicht die Nase vorn. Er veröffentlichte mit "Stomachaches" sein Solo-Album im Jahr 2014 knapp einen Monat vor Ex-Frontmann Gerrad Way mit "Hesitant Alien". Bei uns bekam Way für sein erstes Solowerk allerdings einen Blitz mehr verliehen, aber egal. Denn trotz des Band-Splits in 2013 findet man bei beiden Künstlern den musikalischen Apfel immer noch nahe am Stamm der Hauptband. Und wenn man sich dann auch noch anschaut, dass bei beiden Künstlern ehemalige Bandmember beim einspielen helfen, da muss man doch mal nach der Reunion fragen... Gestromt: At the beginning of May you will be playing some concerts in germany. What can the german fans expect from these shows? Well it will be our first time ever playing in Germany. So they can expect a show they've never seen before. It will be an intimate unveiling of a record that's very near and dear to me... And I very much look forward to sharing it with our German fans. Gestromt: Who comes to your shows? Is it a different audience from the MCR-Shows? We tend to have a large spread of different types of people at our shows. They are very unique and creative individuals. Some older, some younger. Some have been fans of other projects I have been involved with and some are only fans of this project. I feel extremely fortunate to have connected with such amazing people through art. Gestromt: Family Man and Rockstar. I think it will be very difficult to unify these both worlds. How many time do you have spend with your family/children the last three month? In the past 3 months I have spent way less time with my family than I would have liked to. It's a difficult situation for me. I haven't figured out how to properly juggle everything just yet, but I'm trying my best. And I have been blessed with a loving and supportive family that has consistently stuck by my side through the good times and the bad. Gestromt: You are a very busy man. What is about your other music projects? LEATHERMOUSE? DEATH SPELLS? Or even THE LOVE CATS? Does they all exist anymore? I enjoy making music, starting new bands and creating things. It's just something I've done ever since I can remember. I don't know how not to live my life like this. Whether all those projects are active is debatable. I feel like the doors have been left open just in case inspiration strikes again. Gestromt: Are you satisfied with the selling of "Stomachaches"? Numbers, chart positions, etc have never been a concern of mine. I have no idea how many copies have been sold of any record I have ever made. I make music and art for myself, because I am compelled to do so. Everything else is inconsequential. Gestromt: "Stomachaches" is also to find on Music-streaming providers like spotify. Was this your decision? As a new artist, "Stomachaches" has been included on music streaming providers in order to reach different listeners. Gestromt: Do you have a spotify (or other provider) account? Personally I don't know how to use those things... I don't have or even know how to use Facebook. I like to buy and collect physical copies of my music. But not all people are like me. Gestromt: You are a very political man. You are a supporter of the Gay-Community, you are supporting vegan food and you voted for Obama. Is it important to you to be an role model for your younger fans? I don't know if I would classify myself as "very political". I have certain beliefs that I feel very strongly about. They mostly have to do with basic human rights. I believe all people should be free to find happiness and love somehow/somewhere in this world. To deny that for another person is ignorant and evil. Gestromt: Is the country you live in really the best fit for you? Maybe, maybe not...But it's my home and I hope one day we can make it a better place. We should all want that for our homes. Gestromt: What do you believe stands between you and complete happiness? Distance and time. Der aufmerksame Leser wird sich nun fragen wo die Frage nach der My Chemical Romance-Reunion geblieben ist. Die Frage wurde dem guten Frank gestellt und bildete den Abschluss unseres kleinen Interviews. Jedoch ließ er sie unbeantwortet. Was das nun bedeuten mag, kann jeder für sich selbst interpretieren. Oder am besten selbst noch einmal nachfragen, bei einem dieser Termine: 03.05.2015 - Hamburg - Rock Cafe 04.05.2015 - Berlin - Kanteen am Berghain 05.05.2015 - Köln - MTC Tickets für die Shows gibt es für ca. 18€ an den bekanten VVK-Stellen. (Photo courtesy of Hassle Records)